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Monkey Enters Lanka wins 21 Awards, set to release on Prime Video 2022

As 2021 closes we celebrate the fact that our film 'Monkey Enters Lanka', based on the epics Ramayana and Journey to the West, has come close to an end of the Film Festival circuit, bringing in a whooping 21 Award wins and 28 Nominations and Selections.

Above are pictures of the cast with their trophies from Falcon International Film Festival.

Carmen Rain Lykoo won Best Actress 2020 for her dual role as Princess Sita and Goddess Guan Yin. Meanwhile Dhvel Patel roared loud with his win of Best Actor 2020 for his role as tyrant King Ravana. Saie S Surendra also won Best Fantasy Film 2020.

Don't miss the release on Amazon Prime Video as well as Vimeo OTT in April 2022!

Streaming links go live on

Monkey Enters Lanka releases on Amazon Prime video April 2022
Monkey Enters Lanka, Directed by Saie S Surendra, Starring Dhvel Patel & Carmen Rain Lykoo, wins 21 Award wins, Releasing on Prime Video April 2022

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